About Evan

Milwaukee has made my life richer. When I moved to the City, the West side pulled me in and has never let me go. I am proud to live in the Historic Concordia Neighborhood, in a home saved from the grasp of foreclosure near the intersection of North 27th and State Streets.

The opportunity to serve in public office is my dream job. I grew up in a political household, where we spoke about policy, politics, and public service. When I was a boy, I dreamed of serving in office and being a part of positive, progressive change in Wisconsin. I consider the opportunity I’ve been given by the people of the 18th Assembly District a great honor and work hard to earn it everyday.

I openly confess to being a political addict or junky. I love the process and enjoy debates, hearings, and all things Wisconsin politics. Outside of politics, I love spending quality time with my family. I have fallen in love with my fiancé, Gabriela Leija, a new attorney and State Public Defender. We live with our endless energy dog Pistachio, my shadow and guard dog. We enjoy opening our home to entertain, but nothing competes with a quiet movie night at home.

The 18th Assembly District is full of surprises. There are always new, exciting businesses, restaurants, art galleries, neighborhood festivals, activities, and so much more. The fabric of our community is so rich and so exciting; I encourage everyone to explore the neighborhoods and institutions that make our community so unique.

Criminal Justice Reform

Our justice system has become unequal and unjust. Our community witnesses this inequality daily. I have fought, and will continue to fight injustice in our justice system.

Economic Development

Job growth has not kept pace with the economic recovery, and we need to help get people back to work. I pledge to bring home as many state resources as possible to ensure we have our fair bite of the apple.


No issue is immediately more visible in our community than the number of empty, boarded-up houses. State law should be changed to address this issue and empower local communities to better manage foreclosed and abandoned properties.


There are too many potholes and too much outdated infrastructure throughout the 18th Assembly District.   Beyond advocating for updating and improving our infrastructure, it is a priority to increase our smart, connected, multi-modal infrastructure.

Urban Agriculture

The importance of the urban agriculture movement in Milwaukee cannot be overstated. As our state and the entire country faces an obesity epidemic, growing food is a trend that should be celebrated and expanded.


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