About Concordia

Historic. Central. Integrated.

I’m partial to the Historic Concordia Neighborhood, as it is my home.  My house, near the intersection of North 27th and West State Streets, was built in 1894.  The house has undergone many changes, including serving as a ten-apartment rooming house until the late 1990’s.  Restored to a single-family home in the early 2000’s, my house continues to need love and care…as do all older homes.   I live with my fiancé, Gabriela Leija, and our dog Pistachio.  We are always working on one project or the next, never seeming to be able to finish them all.  That’s life in Concordia.

Beyond the historic homes, Concordia is one of Milwaukee’s most integrated, diverse neighborhoods.  Renters, homeowners, and businesses mix together to make Concordia a unique place to call home.  Only minutes from downtown, Marquette, and Miller Valley, Concordia is poised for a strong, vibrant future.

Living in Concordia

“Historic Concordia is where my family and I have lived since 2004.  It is  a wonderful place, with wonderful homes and people.  The neighborhood is a true gem, that is evolving and changing for the better as every year passes.  I can’t wait to see what the next 10 years brings.”

-Robin Muller

Check out the Historic Concordia Neighborhood Association here. www.hcni.org