About Washington Park

Exciting. Stabilizing. Growing.

Washington Park is a jewel on Milwaukee’s west side.  Designed by the same architect that designed New York’s Central Park, Washington Park is one of Milwaukee’s largest parks and offers athletic fields and courts, playground equipment, a public pool, senior center, Urban Ecology Center, lagoon for fishing or ice skating, and abundant trails for walking, hiking or biking.   The Washington Park Neighborhood follows the Park’s eastern and northern borders.  Washington Park Neighborhood, too long neglected and suffering from unacceptable levels of crime, has seen slow but steady stabilization.  The foreclosure crisis that began in 2008 hit Washington Park as hard as any neighborhood in Wisconsin.  Working together, neighbors in Washington Park are making great progress.  The addition of a new Health Clinic, coffee shop, a growing art community, and a cutting edge partnership with the Milwaukee Police Department and Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office have begun Washington Park’s resurgence.

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